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We are SONZGTER , the new platform for music artists and their fans, here the artists can collect funds, connect and engage with their fans. Share your journey in the music world with your friends and fans through your phone or laptop.

With Songzter you can now get donations or tips from your followers, stream from anywhere free or PPV, share your content and stay connected with your fans. Here you can create content packages like your music album, put your price and share it to those who enjoy your music. Songzter is the perfect streaming platform for podcasters, DJs, music artists, churches and music venues.
We created this amazing tool for you with unlimited ways to get creative and connect. download and sign-up now, use your own referral code to share through any messaging system. With SONGZTER, Now music makes more sense.

Songzter’s featured artist of the month!!!
Izabel Gray

Our featured Artist of the month on Songzter


Nashville’s own Izabel Gray is not your average artist – she’s a singer, songwriter, and model, captivating hearts with her undeniable talent. Based in the heart of Tennessee, Izabel has become a shining star in the music scene.

What sets Izabel apart is not just her melodic voice or profound songwriting but her versatility as a model. Her presence exudes charisma, making her a true triple threat in the entertainment world.

As an ambassador with Songzter, Izabel invites you to join her musical journey. Songzter is the gateway to exclusive content, updates on her latest releases, and an interactive space where fans can connect with this rising star. Don’t miss out – follow Izabel Gray on the Songzter app today and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Nashville’s featured artist of the month. Let the melodies begin! 🎶 #IzabelGray #Songzter #MusicMagic Continue reading

SONGZTER is not just a social media platform

We are a community that understands and support music artists helping them with different ways to gain popularity and build your music career. if you need support music related, contact us and we will find ways to help you.

How Songzter works

Songzter is available on website, on apple store and play store, you can post content or go live stream from your pc or laptop with your own video and audio gadget or form your android or apple phone.


You can create a free or premium or both accounts, with premium account you get PPV content where your fans would have to pay a monthly subscription to see your premium work.


Your fans/followers can send you donations/tips directly without having to leave the platform, you will get paid at any time via direct deposits.


Songzter is free to use and is available on website to use on your PC, laptop or download for IOS or Android phones, simply signup, post and share.

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