Songzter launches its first music contest

Songzter Launches Inaugural Contest: Celebrating Music and the Holidays

In an exciting move for both music enthusiasts and aspiring artists, Songzter, the groundbreaking platform designed to assist musicians in funding their projects, has announced its very first contest. Songzter, a vibrant app and website acting as a nexus for musicians to connect with their fans and peers, is set to host a holiday-themed music competition that promises to elevate talent and spread cheer.
Scheduled for December 15th, 2023, this inaugural contest welcomes participants from all corners. Open to the public, it invites anyone passionate about music to showcase their holiday-themed compositions and performances for a chance to win not only a generous cash prize of $1000 but also an opportunity that could shape their musical journey profoundly.

What sets this contest apart is the grand prize—a song produced by none other than Smith Curry,

a highly acclaimed producer hailing from the heart of musical prowess, Nashville, Tennessee. Smith’s expertise and reputation promise an invaluable opportunity for the winner to fine-tune and refine their craft under the guidance of an industry maestro.

But that’s not all. Songzter has curated a panel of distinguished judges, each representing a unique facet of the music industry. Leading the panel is the effervescent and seasoned host, Morgan Johnston, whose passion for music and vibrant presence is bound to infuse the event with excitement.

The judging panel comprises three exceptional personalities:

Brooklyn Summer: A rising country music star whose genre-defying talent in music has resonated deeply with audiences, Brooklyn brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the judging table. Scott Barrier: With a career in songwriting and a keen ear for talent, Scott’s insights promise to offer contestants invaluable feedback and guidance.
Justin Love: A singer-songwriter celebrated for his emotive and soul-stirring compositions, Justin brings a unique perspective and depth of understanding to the judging panel. Together, these industry stalwarts will evaluate submissions based on creativity, originality, technical skill, and the embodiment of the holiday spirit.

Songzter’s debut contest marks a significant milestone, not just for the platform but for the entire music community. It signifies a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering connections, and celebrating the unifying power of music, especially during the joyous holiday season.

As the stage is set for this musical extravaganza, Songzter invites one and all to partake in this celebration of talent, creativity, and the spirit of giving through the universal language of music. Whether you’re an emerging artist seeking recognition or a seasoned musician eager to explore new horizons, Songzter’s first contest beckons—a chance to shine brightly in the melody of the holidays.

Stay tuned for updates and immerse yourself in the magic of music this December with Songzter’s festive contest!